About Us

At Max-Wellbeing, we are profoundly informed on how our immediate environment, social norms of the community, choice of food, eating habit. Lifestyle influence what we eat, when we eat, and how much we eat. Without any iota of doubt, environment has huge impact on our physical activeness, wellbeing and comfort. With our worthwhile background in multi-sports participation, top-notch experience in Thai-Boxing at International level and striking years of playing football, we meticulously know what it takes and also acquire the basic rudiment that would ensure your body attain the best shape of its life through our irrevocable and effective training methods and right nutrition. We don’t just talk the talk; walk the walk! Max-Wellbeing Fitness exudes health and fitness and delivers a holistic training style which works well to get the very best out of clients in a safe, fun and engaging way. We are a reputable and renowned company with fully qualified personnel who are DBS checked and fully insured.

Our services are modelled with a customer focus basis. We are fully aware how most of our esteemed clients struggle to have sufficient time to go to the gym as a result of their busy to-do list and tight schedule. Max-Wellbeing have painstakingly developed irresistible channel to overcome this time barrier to all our prestigious clients. We have integrated a flexible approach which allows us to deliver a door to door service in the Yorkshire and Lancashire areas. Our clients are promised to enjoy unparallel freedom and choice of choosing when and where they can have their sessions without paying through the nose as we offer our sessions and training programmes at affordable prices. Our services are delivered on a one to one basis or in small groups for those who wish to share the costs. Our style of delivery is highly motivated, enthusiastic, exuberant, and passionate as we strive to attain high standards to meet individuals’ personal goals and aspirations.

Empathy is such an enthralling attribute and trait that Max-Wellbeing Fitness possesses and the trait produce beneficial outcomes for clients when they could have a feel that they are heard, understood, and respected. At Max-Wellbeing Fitness we say ‘Be the one who makes it happen! Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen. You can trust Max- Wellbeing Fitness to help and guide you to achieve your individual fitness and health goals regardless of age, ability or gender. At Max-Wellbeing, we believe that the decision to hire a personal trainer is an empowering and ideal one.

A right positioning of dedicated and enthusiastic fitness expert in your corner can earn you indispensable skills and needed support for devising a smart workout strategy, tips on overcoming emotional and physical roadblocks, and attaining the desired results you are anticipating for. At Max-Wellbeing, we strive assiduously to ensure that your decision to choose our service is not regrettable.